About Busiwagi

Busiwagi is a tour organization that provides 4×4 tours in Suriname. We are a team made up of colleagues in Suriname and the Netherlands. The team in Suriname is in charge of the operational aspects, while the team in the Netherlands takes care of the marketing and communications.

The concept was born out of a longtime hobby involving 4×4 vehicles, which has evolved into a professional and high quality product for the tourism industry. After years of building and testing, we have developed tough, customized 4×4 vehicles for the jungle, which can withstand the forces of nature that we can encounter during our jungle tours. The vehicles have successfully undergone their inspections and have been test-driven extensively.

Busiwagi is a unique concept meant to intensify the Suriname experience of visitors for one or two days.

Suriname is a country begging to be discovered by the adventurous traveler. There are many adventures and challenges hidden in Suriname. That is exactly what we want to reinforce with Busiwagi. Professionalism, quality, challenges, safety, cooperation, fun and adventure are our main priorities.

In short, it is all about a 4×4 adventure. Will you take on the adventure and the challenge with Busiwagi?