General information Busiwagi
Transfer: Bus Pick-up time: 07:00 am
Transfer time: 45 minutes
Departure time tour: 08:00 am
Back in Paramaribo: 05:00 pm
Luggage: Bag 20 liter
Included: Transfer, guide/instructor, meals and beverages, entrance fee to recreational areas.

At Busiwagi you get behind the wheel yourself. The vehicles are customized especially for the jungle terrain and are made to stand up against the forces of the jungle. The vehicles have been tested extensively.
Type of vehicle: Suzuki Samurai
Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission
Engine: 1300 cc (4-stroke)
Tires: 35 inch mud tires
Seat: Bucket-seat
Seatbelt: 5-point seatbelt

Each vehicle is equipped with a roll-cage, a steel cage that is attached to the body of the vehicle at six points. Each seat has a 5-point seatbelt. Each vehicle comes equipped with a fire extinguisher. Loose luggage which can potentially become a projectile, is securely stored away in special compartments. De support vehicle carries a comprehensive First Aid kit.

Food | Drinks:
Surinamese cuisine, which can be modified on request.

Night-time accommodation:

When you take a trip with Busiwagi, you can expect an optimal experience. In order to intensely experience your night in nature, sleeping is done in a hammock. This is the best way to experience the sounds, the scents, the peacefulness and the serenity of the jungle in Suriname. An ultimate experience that will make your trip with Busiwagi even more special and one you will never forget. The hammocks are tied between trees and the vehicles. Each hammock comes complete with mosquito netting and a rain cover. For the chilly evenings, blankets are available.