Sustainable Tourism

Busiwagi places great value on dealing with nature, culture and the environment in a responsible and respectable fashion. We naturally expect the same of all the participants on our tours. So please do not leave any trash behind, adjust your clothing to the local requirements, eat and use local products as much as possible, don’t purchase any illegal souvenirs and above all, respect the local cultures.

During the tours we spend the nights at camping sites. These camping sites are cleared out and all garbage is brought back to civilization and disposed of appropriately there. Furthermore, it is not permitted to take along any plants or animals from the surroundings.

Washing-up is done in nearby rivers or creeks. So please bring along biodegradable shampoo or soap.

What we want to reinforce with Busiwagi, is the challenging and adventurous nature of the tours. The tours will also include off road treks. With consideration and respect for nature we will end up in the middle of the jungle. During the tours we are conscious of the challenges we will encounter along the way, and treat nature with respect.