Tips survival bag

Back pack/travel bag 20L
– This bag is placed in a dust free box in the back of the vehicle
– Leave valuables behind in your suitcase or at home
– Pack luggage compactly and clean in your backpack by using ziplock bags
– Handy toiletry bag
– Take only necessary items. Luxury items will not be needed on the tours
– Fill small travel containers with shampoo, shower gel, deodorant
– Collapsible tooth brush and hair brush
– Lip care (in tube, balm melts, cans get too hot)
– Feminine hygiene (+hygiene bags, disinfectant hand gel, wet wipes)

– Take all medications out of the box. Leave the boxes in your suitcase. Place the strips with tablets and leaflets in air tight and waterproof ziplock bags. This saves space.

Clothing: (pack in individual ziplock bags)
– Sleepwear: thin long pants, socks, long sleeved shirt, thin training jacket
– Underwear
– Swimwear, travel towel (large + small), slippers
– Convertible pants + long sleeved shirt
– Shirts/singlet 2 – 3

– Sandals with straps +walking shoes
– Cap/bandana – Disposable poncho 3x
– Inflatable pillow (for during the nights)
– Handy (head) flashlight + extra batteries
– Extra ziplock bags for dirty laundry

Water proof and dust proof fanny pack:
– Camera
– Sunglasses
– Telephone (with phone card from Telesur (Kruidvat))
– Travel documents (passport valid 6 months + copy/drivers license/intern. drivers license/immunization documents
– Wallet
– Insurance policy Aside from the current baggage checklist on, check for yourself what you do/do not need.