Two day tour: ‘Cordon Savanne Trail’

Price € 287,- p.p.
Day of departure: monday and saturday

The tour is filled with adventure and challenges. You will take on various obstacles with the 4×4-vehicle and travel to beautiful spots where hardly anybody comes. You sleep in a hammock and thus get ‘back to basic’ for a while. Young or old, male or female,  because of the different aspects of the program, this tour is suitable for anybody wanting to discover Suriname in an adventurous manner.

Day 1:
At 07:00 am you are picked up at your place of accommodation. Just outside the busy Surinamese traffic you are introduced to the 4×4 vehicles, travel companions and the guide. The basic skills for off-road driving and the safety instructions are explained in such a way that you become familiar with the adventure that awaits you.

After a short break you start the trip  with your travel companions and guide. We make the crossing towards ‘Jodensavanne’.  In the afternoon you reach the savanna with your vehicle. In the savanna you get the opportunity to try out the different aspects of off-road driving. Through large water pools, hills and holes, you and your travel companions take on different obstacles and come up with solutions to the challenges posed by nature.

At the end of the afternoon you start setting up camp with your guide. You enjoy a well deserved evening meal and prepare for the night in your hammock in the middle of the savanna.

Day 2:
After a hearty breakfast the next morning, you continue your adventure on a savanna trail and a  trail through the forest and a creek.  The ‘Cordonpad’ which this trail goes through a part of the way, is a military path from the period of slavery. The ‘Cordonpad’ runs between  the savanna and the jungle and was seen as the border of freedom.

By enjoying the beautiful nature, the exiting adventure and the delicious meals, you won’t soon forget this trip. After having faced all the challenges we return to civilization where you are dropped back off at your place of accommodation at 5:00 pm.

Included during the tour:
– Transportation from your place of accommodation to the start location of Busiwagi tour and vice versa
– Day 1: lunch, dinner
– Day 2: breakfast, lunch
– Drinking water/cold drinks You are allowed to bring along a bag of max. 20 liters. The bag is stowed in a dust free and waterproof box.

Beware: you get dirty during the tour!!


Day 1
Guests are picked up at the agreed upon location during the early morning rush hour, between 07:00 and 07:30 am, for their drive to Domburg, a place about 30 minutes from Paramaribo.
Upon arrival at Domburg the imposing vehicles of Busiwagi come immediately into sight. The vehicles are ready for the adventure that awaits us. The introductions are made, safety instructions are explained and the luggage is loaded up.

At 09:00 am we leave for the crossing to Jodensavanne. The ferry is ready to go and all vehicles fit easily onto the ferry. After the crossing the paved roads are immediately left behind and the adventure is really about to begin. Unpaved (bauxite)roads, bumps, obstacles, water… the unfamiliar, untouched nature in particular, awaits us…
After a visit to the Jodensavanne, with a whole lot of rain, we enter a location where ‘practicing’ is allowed. It looks almost like a manmade trail. In this way we can familiarize ourselves with the vehicles. A smile appears on everybody’s face while climbing and descending the hills, mountains and slopes. Some questions arise, can the vehicle climb THIS? Pushing the limits of yourself and your vehicle! No problem, in all rest and control you drive through and over them with ease.

Due to all the exertion, energy levels have dropped significantly and it is time for the participants to ‘refuel’. The dishes are put out on a table, underneath an awning because it’s raining, and we enjoy a hearty rice meal. The trip is continued with a savannah-trail. We drive full speed through puddles, take mud baths with our vehicles and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful vast savannah. All aspects that we practiced can be applied here. We also end up on the Cordon path. A military riding trail from the days of slavery. Suriname-veterans can relive their history here. One of the guests is indeed a veteran and he had very impressive stories about those days. Because of this Suriname is increasingly brought to life! At 16:30 hrs we arrive at Palulu Camping. Normally this camping is not used during the Busiwagi tours, but this time around there was a little bit more comfort. Since we were covered from head to toe in mud splatters, the first thing we do is take a refreshing dive in the creek. Pure dark and very cold water! Afterwards the luggage is unloaded and we get to enjoy a delicious BBQ. Steak, chicken wings, salad, bread with melted cheese, accompanied by a glass of wine, delicious! And all of that in the middle of nowhere. Night approaches, hammocks are hung, and eyes can be closed. Incidentally, one hammock is set up as a tent (so for those wishing to sleep on the ground, that possibility exists as well!).

Day 2
At 07:00 am we get up and by 07:30 am we sit down for breakfast. Sandwiches, eggs, juice, everything is considered. After breakfast everything is packed up and we once again face the challenge through jungle and creek. Michel (the guide) tells us where we are headed and drives behind us. If we go in the wrong direction he hurries over to us. We encounter extremely deep puddles, water and mud sloshes up all around us. Again everybody has smiles on their faces. The fun factor is quite intense! We enter beautiful spots such as an almost dry river bed. Some places even look like a decor set, they are so fabulous! We drive on off-road trails. Sometimes slowly to enjoy the surroundings, only to put the pedal to the metal at other times. That makes off-road driving so much fun. Variety, bumps, puddles, obstacles, open stretches, overgrown places and so forth. This is something that you would never do at home with your vehicle!

Once we arrive at our lunch spot, it starts to rain. We make a tent and are treated to a hamburger, once again delicious. Because it has rained there are a lot of puddles on the bauxite roads. All of us look dirty and spotted. Because there was a lot of strain put on the vehicles during the trip, a necessary stop is made. On one of the vehicles the filter has become too dirty. Michel manages to solve the problem quickly and the trip back to civilization is resumed. Dirty yet satisfied we arrive back at our final destination, Domburg. We have something to eat and talk about the trip. The vehicles are returned and the guests are transported back to their place of accommodation. What a cool and unforgettable adventure this was!