Travel information Surinam

Clothing advice
When it comes to clothing, bright colors are not recommended and it is best to avoid wearing camouflage or military-like clothes. You can thus prevent coming across as aggressive to the local population. Light colors such as khaki are recommended.

Additional luggage during your trip to the interior
Any additional luggage you traveled to Suriname with, should be left behind in your suitcase at your place of accommodation. Make sure that your suitcase is kept in a safe place. Do not bring any valuables along on your tour. Leave these in your suitcase or in a safe at your place of accommodation or travel organization. In the event that you do accidentally bring valuables along, you will have to personally take care of them. During our tours you are advised to store your valuable items (camera, travel documents etc) securely in a waterproof bag. Even when it’s not raining they could get wet when we wade through wet areas.

Photographing and filming and respect of your fellowman
With regard to privacy considerations, it is required at all times to request permission before taking photos of, or filming the local population and their possessions. Consult your guide about this at all times.

Animal species
Suriname is home to 650 different bird species such as macaws and other parrots, hummingbirds, tanagers, trupials, red ibises, herons en flamingos. In addition to these impressive birds, there are also many kinds of mammals such as deer, wild boars, tapirs and capybaras. The jaguar (called “tigri” in Suriname) and the black panther (the jaguar with black pigment) live in the wild here as well. Humans are however hardly ever attacked by these predators. Furthermore, there are 130 different species of reptiles amongst which several venomous snakes and boa constrictors.

Music equipment
During the tours its better that music equipment may not be used unless it is used with headphones. It is after all intended that everyone enjoy the music of nature itself. Expand your horizons and forget existing habits while in the jungle where life is truly different.